National Academy of Science
Republic of Kazakhstan





     Daukeev Serikbek Zhusupbekovich (1950), mining engineer-geophysicist (geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical sciences (1997), academician of NAS RK (2003). He graduated from the Kazakh polytechnic institute named after V.I. Lenin (1972). Since 2004 - Chairman of the Investment and consulting company «DATA Invest". Main research fields: geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. The concept of management and control system of subsoil use in a market economy (1994). Deep structure and mineral resources of Kazakhstan (2002). The author of 126 scientific papers, including 4 monographs. He was awarded with orders and medals. Honorary Doctor of All-Russian Petroleum Research Exploration Institute (1999), Honorary Prospector (2002), winner of the Prize n/a K.I. Satpaev (2003).


Comp.: The continental basin and Central Asia (the deep structure and patterns of development), 1988; Mineral resources base of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the turn of the transition to a market economy, 1995; Properties, consumption and production of major minerals, 1996; Deep structure and mineral resources of Kazakhstan. In 3 V. 2002.