National Academy of Science
Republic of Kazakhstan





      On October 8, 2019, the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev hosted the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Murat Zhurinov. During the meeting, M. Zhurinov informed Elbasy about the ongoing activities of the NAS RK and measures to develop international cooperation in the field of science, as well as  agreements concluded with leading academies of world sciences, and international alliances in which the NAS RK acts as an equal member. Thus, the President of the NAS RK announced that last year in Beijing the largest Alliance of Intenational Scientific Organizations (ANSO) was established, which included the academies from 47 leading countries of the world. NAS RK has also become part of this Alliance. “the president of NAS RK said that, in such a way, our scientists have got an additional opportunity to participate in megaprojects in various fields.


Presidium of NAS RK