National Academy of Science
Republic of Kazakhstan


In commemoration of an outstanding scientist



     Members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientists of the country took the news of the death of Zhores Ivanovich Alferov with profound regret - the greatest Russian physicist, Nobel Prize winner, whose brilliant achievements have long been recognized throughout the world.

     The scientific world will always remember that it was the research of this outstanding scientist that laid the foundations of a fundamentally new electronics with a very wide range of applications. It was in the laboratory of Zhores Ivanovich that an industrial technology for creating semiconductors on heterostructures was developed, and the first continuous heterojunction laser was created in Russia. In 2000, academician Alferov won the Nobel Prize for the original development in semiconductor technology.

     More than 500 scientific works and over 50 inventions written by the scientist will remain the property of all mankind. His numerous orders and medals not only of the Russian Federation, but also of other countries of the world and their academies testify to his greatest contribution to science. He is one of the few foreign members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the bright image of a great friend and ally of Kazakhstan scientists will forever remain in our memory.

     Caring about the future of science, Alferov initiated the establishment of the Global Energy Prize, and a year earlier established the Foundation to support education and science to support talented students, promote their professional growth, and encourage creative activity in conducting scientific research in priority areas of science. The first contribution to the Foundation was made by Zhores Alferov from the Nobel Prize capital.

     Zhores Ivanovich was engaged not only in scientific activities, but also in politics, having repeatedly elected himself as a people's deputy of the USSR, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, was a member of the Communist Party faction. High patriotism, an active life position, his dedication to the high ideals of science will always be a vivid example for the younger generations.

     The bright memory of Academician Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, an outstanding scientist, teacher, and a remarkable person, will forever remain in our hearts.



Presidium of NAS RK